Praise Humperdoo! Preacher returns for a fourth season


With all of the recent cancellations of beloved comic book TV shows, I was worried as hell about the fate of AMC’s Preacher. To say that Preacher is a bizarre show would be doing it an injustice. Last season alone included a man eating a horse, some kinky Confederacy roleplay, Japanese souls, Satan, Hitler working at a Subway, and a brutal fight scene set to Warren Zevon’s “Werewolves of London.” So yeah, Preacher is awesome. 

But after the fantastic third season concluded in August, there hasn’t been a word about whether or not the series was renewed. For the past two years, Preacher was usually renewed in October, but October came and went without a word. The fact that the third season had a declining viewership didn’t help dissuade my fears. It got to the point where I was checking daily to see if the series was canceled or renewed. I just needed to know!

Well my fears have now been put to rest. AMC announced over the weekend that Preacher would be returning for another ten episode season sometime in 2019. Production is slated to begin in Australia in January, with the season most likely focusing on the Masada arc. Masada was never my favorite part of the original comic, but it did give us some great bits of lore and character beats. That being said, since most of the major plot points in Masada have been covered in Season 3, it’s going to be interesting to see exactly what gets adapted. If they’re shooting in the Australian desert, perhaps we could see the Monument Valley arc? Please let me see the Monument Valley arc. I need to see the Saint of Killers survive a nuke. 

Jesse Lab
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