Preacher’s fourth season to be its last


Preacher was always the little show that could. Ever since it debuted in 2016, the show always seemed to be a bit too odd for TV yet it still attracted an audience just large enough to justify being renewed. Even compared to its contemporaries, Preacher is a weird little show. The concept is pretty out there, featuring a cast of characters that range from being odd to outrageous. You know the show is crazy when one of the main supporting characters is a teenager with an asshole for a face that befriended Hitler while they were both trapped in Hell. This show is weird and it’s amazing that it stayed on as long as it did. 

However, all good things must come to an end. When it was announced that Preacher would be getting a fourth season, there was speculation that it was going to be the final season. Unfortunately, that turns out to be true. Seth Rogen announced on Twitter in a psychedelic and frenetic teaser that not only would Preacher be ending, but that the final season would begin airing on August 4th. Like season three, the last season will consist of 10 episodes.

I’m torn on how to feel about this. Preacher has been one of my favorite shows of the past couple of years and I love it to pieces, but I’m fully aware that it was running out of steam. Whether it was from season two’s decompressed nature or season’s three lack of real progression, Preacher decided to spin its wheels and I can’t tell if it was because of a lack of budget or a poor story structure. I couldn’t imagine Preacher running for more than five seasons, though it is a shame that I probably won’t be able to see some of my favorite moments from the comics put on screen, like Cassidy immigrating to New York, the Alamo standoff, or Herr Starr’s constant assassination attempts on Grail officer Eisenstein. There are so many great moments that have yet to be seen that will just have to go unseen.

But man, just from the last bit of season 3 and from the teaser, what we’re going to get is probably going to be amazing. We know we’re going to get some version of the Masada arc and if that nuke in the teaser is anything to go by, they may just combine that arc with the Monument Valley arc and call it a day. There’s so much to be done with this final season that I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen. All I know is that it’s going to be a wild ride. 

Preacher’s final season will debut on AMC August 4, 2019.

Jesse Lab
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