Preacher season 3 new cast announced


News surrounding Preachers third season has been pretty sparse, they very quietly announced the season renewal at the end of season two and without much hoopla went into production again with a tentative release date of later this year. This season is the one that I’ve been wondering about since they announced the comic was going to be adapted to TV. I won’t go into much for those that haven’t seen it, but for those that have read the comic, Angelville lays heavy on the mind.

Jesse’s Grandmother will be played by Betty Buckley of Supergirl, and Split. “Grand-ma” is a spiritualist with an intense love for God and all of her family members, so long as you follow her bidding. If you don’t follow her bidding she will set her family on you, a family consisting of the brutish Jody and loyal TC. Jody who is one of the evilest characters in the comic will be played by Jeremy Childs from The Last Castle, and Nashville. TC while not as evil but still not the nicest dude will be played by Colin Cunningham of Falling Skies. Finally, there is a character named Christina who will be played by Liz McGeever who was also on Nashville and that’s all I’ll say about her.

Season three should be very close to a bottle episode like structure since leaving Angelville is not easy, but it should make for a lot more great character development between the three main stars on their hunt for their missing God.

AMC Announces New Preacher Cast Members for Season 3 [AMC]

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