Priest prequel is probably better than the full movie


As a child that grew up with Dexter’s Laboratory and Samurai Jack, all you really need to do is say, “Genndy Tartakovsky,” and I’ll be at half-mast. This video is a short bit about the years of war against the vampires from the upcoming movie Priest, a.k.a. Legion 2: Someone Told Us Vampires Are Cooler Than Angels. It’s actually pretty badass. I like the implications from this prequel that the vampire wars have been going on since the Crusades, and that modern warfare evolved around fighting them. There’s snatches of WW1 vampire fighting, which is basically so awesome.

I’m still not psyched for Priest at all, but it’s nice to see Genndy Tartakovsky working, since the Dark Crystal sequel is basically dead.

[Via /Film]