Primer director finally making new film: Upstream Color


Shane Carruth’s cult sci-fi hit Primer was a fascinating, if deliberately confusing, take on the concept of time travel. (We even liked it enough to devote a podcast to it!) Still, Primer is the only film Carruth has ever made, despite his attempt at making A Topiary, “an abstract art house take on Pokemon.” Those who enjoyed his debut back in 2004 should have expected a wait — after all, Carruth spent two years in post-production finishing up Primer. But now, it seems that wait is coming to an end.

CHUD has announced that Carruth’s next film is Upstream Color, a romance/drama/thriller about Kris, who is intelligent, plain, and gets “a severe haircut change.” Other characters include Wesley, a farmer and composer, and Evan, a record store employee who is a bit psychopathic. The title may be a reference to “an esoteric biopharmeceutical term that describes impurities present early in the processing/manufacture of a chemical,” which fits in with Carruth’s disposition towards the incredibly complicated.

Though it’s hard to tell what Upstream Color is about, we might not have to wait to long to start guessing, as Carruth is planning a 40-day shoot from November to January and is currently casting in Dallas, Texas. A Topiary is supposedly expected to shoot sometime next year, but considering how much work Carruth spent on Primer after shooting ended, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it pushed back even farther.

[CHUD via Collider]