Princess Mononoke being adapted for stage in London


Talk about ambitious. The London-based Whole Hog Theater company is adapting Princess Mononoke into a stage play, which will be performed next year. The show will run from April 2nd to April 6th at the New Diorama Theater. Tickets have already sold out.

How do they intend to bring Hayao Miyazaki’s film to life given all the fantastical creatures? Whole Hog will use giant puppets made from recyclable material. There will also be original live music to accompany the action on stage. No word if Joe Hisaishi’s film score will be a basis for any of the new compositions.

Adapting a film to the theater is nothing new. We’ve heard of a planned stage musical for the Rocky series, and it worked for Re-Animator, Evil Dead, and, of course, Little Shop of Horrors. (Then again, there was the Carrie musical, but let’s try to forget about that one.) We’ll be keeping an eye on this production since it sounds intriguing. For more information on the theater company, visit the Whole Hog Theater website.

[MTV Geek via /Film]

Hubert Vigilla
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