Production delayed on Rogue Squadron, Patty Jenkins’ upcoming Star Wars movie


Rogue Squadron Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins’ first foray into the Star Wars franchise — has reportedly been delayed, and we can expect the project to remain grounded on the tarmac until at least December 2023. 

The latest Star Wars instalment was set to launch into pre-production later this year, with production beginning proper in 2022. But Jenkins is balancing other commitments, currently working on a sequel to her Wonder Woman movies, following the release of Wonder Woman 1984 last December. And capitalising on the star power of Gal Gadot, she has a Cleopatra movie with the actor in the works at the same time.

When Rogue Squadron was first announced at Disney’s pandemic-era Investor Day event in 2020, it felt like a step away from the glut of commercial Star Wars content being pumped out by its studios. Instead, fans looked to the Wonder Woman director to fashion something new out of over-used material, something bearing the director’s hallmark. The partnership with her writer Matthew Robinson was also expected to elevate the project, though at this stage it’s unclear whether Robinson is still attached.

The initial trailer teased a strong collaboration and while Jenkins garnered traction for the project by attaching her name to it early on, it’s clear that her other projects are taking precedence for now.

December 22, 2023 remains the forecasted release date but it’s still two Christmases away — a whole lot of time for a project to be held up in production purgatory. In the meantime, other projects are still ploughing ahead, and we can expect more news on the Kevin Feige and Taika Waititi-led Star Wars instalments (if, of course, Waititi’s MCU commitments don’t delay him too.)

Source: Den of Geek

Sian Francis Cox
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