Production on Uncharted has been delayed six weeks during coronavirus pandemic


Unsurprisingly, Sony has decided to delay production on its upcoming Uncharted film adaptation by six weeks. If you didn’t already guess it, the reason for this setback is the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Not wishing to get people needlessly infected while filming a silly movie, executives felt it was best for the cast and crew to wait on this.

What’s more troubling isn’t the current disease scare, but Uncharted’s history in transitioning to film. Multiple directors have left the project and numerous setbacks and delays have already pushed the film way behind schedule. Sony isn’t rushing into things, but it seems like nothing is going right with Nathan Drake’s big-screen debut.

There was also no news on whether or not Uncharted would still make its current March 5, 2021, date. Six weeks isn’t the end of the world when it comes to delays, but maybe Sony should consider pushing the release date back a bit too.

At any rate, we may need to create a master list for all of the productions delayed from this virus. It’s starting to add up to a considerable number.

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