Professor Layton movie coming to America next week


Anyone who digs puzzles, charm, gentlemanly behavior and top hats may now start rejoicing. Viz has announced that their localization of Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva is releasing next week. On November 8 you’ll be able to get your hands on the charming professor’s first animated outing with all the English you can handle crammed into it for the low price of $19.97 US/$19.98 CAN. Sucks to be in Canada cause you’re out a penny, bitches.

I’m sure fans of the games (read: everyone) will be dying to pick this up, but a little worried what the professor and Luke will be like when you don’t have to solve any puzzles. Not to worry! The movie has plenty of puzzle solving action and will even pause briefly (or longer if you hit the pause button) to let you solve them before Layton does. But before you press play always remember that a true gentleman leaves no puzzle unsolved.

[via Destructoid]

Matthew Razak
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