Project X sequel to lock TWO midgets in an oven this time


Geoff enjoyed Project X for exactly what it presented itself as: a party movie full of booze and faux-teenage boobs. A good chunk of the rest of America enjoyed it as well, seeing as it’s cleaning up well enough at the box office with no real competition. Warner Brothers is now tasking writers Michael Bacall and Matt Drake to work up a sequel to the massive party film. Obviously, no details are available. I’d imagine the film might involve the three party hosts, Jonathan D. Brown, Thomas Mann, and Oliver Cooper, getting involved in some even bigger party with even more people locked into things and punching people in the ballbags.

I can’t really say what I’d be interested in seeing in a Project X sequel. I’m smelling a Hangover 2 sort of situation where the filmmakers just do the same thing again in a different, more exotic location. Are you guys into this at all?

[Via THR]