Prometheus Blu-Ray outlined; 15 minutes of deleted scenes


Love it or hate it, Prometheus is a hell of a movie. And this being a Ridley Scott directed movie, we can expect a pretty grandiose home release. Fox recently detailed the list of extras that’ll be on the Blu-Ray, and it doesn’t disappoint. 

Included on the disc are 15 minutes of deleted or alternate scenes, both the first and final draft of the script (as a text document), a bunch of viral videos, Ridley Scott’s sketches, and 120 minutes of features (making of, visual effects, etc). All in all, it’s a great looking package. Also for sale will be a nine disc super baller edition that packages Prometheus with all four Aliens films. 

As a big fan of Prometheus, this will probably be a day-one purchase for me. The director’s commentary, making-of features, and deleted scenes are enough for me.

[via Collider]