Prometheus sequel confirmed; Damon Lindelof not returning


The “Is-It-or-Isn’t-It” Alien prequel, Prometheus, is receiving a baby sequel in 2014 or 2015. While I haven’t seen Prometheus yet, I’m sure the chance for further exposition will help the crowds that felt the film left too many questions unanswered. That’s how the foundations of film franchises are meant to work!

However, it seems apparent that Prometheus 2: Son of Prometheus will be without one of the original’s writers as Damon Lindelof will be too busy writing his HBO series, according to Collider. Furthermore, depending on the progress of the rumored Blade Runner sequel, Blade Runner II: El Boogaloo de Electric, it seems that 2015 might be a more accurate date for any potential Prometheus sequel.

What do you think? Are you ready for some more Prometheus? Is it a good or bad thing that Lindelof might not be on board for the sequel? Let us know!

[Collider via The Hollywood Reporter]