Prometheus sequel gets new, Alien friendly title


Despite the two hour confusing slog it was, Prometheus was divisive here at Flixist. We even pulled in Jim Sterling at one point to talk about it because it was so crazy. I’m sure Ridley Scott was interested in pursuing a sequel because it brought on so much discussion, but also sure the guy likes money. Speaking of money, the Alien franchise makes a lot of it. What better way to brush off Prometheus’ nonsense and remind people Alien is a thing than to rope it in? 

So Prometheus 2 is now Alien: Paradise Lost, as Scott confirms in an interview with HeyUGuys. Sooooo yeah. No word on whether or not this will somehow interfere with Blomkamp’s Alien film, but since Scott is working on this next, we’ll find out more about the giant white bodybuilder aliens soon enough. 

[via HeyUGuys]