Prometheus viral marketing set to kick off at TED 2023


I don’t watch TED talks as much as I’d like to. Sometimes they run a bit long, and I have many things to do and not enough time to do them. Sometimes, though, they’re short enough that I can watch them during my snack break. They aren’t always quite as interesting as the longer talks, but they still get the brain buzzing.

Take, for example, the talk that Mr. Peter Weyland of Weyland Industries is set to give in eleven years. It’s only three minutes long, short, sweet, and to the point. Why Mr. Weyland is talking about creating cybernetics rather than going on about how great the time travel he just performed is I have no idea, but it’s exciting to see how much TED is set to grow over the next decade. I should note, however, that I’m not so happy to see how poor the continuity of the future is. Hopefully that will be fixed by the time we actually get there.

I expect we will be seeing more about this project to “change the world” soon. I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of intrigued.

[TED, via Weyland Industries]