Prometheus visual effects breakdowns show practical roots


So, first off, this first video has some mild spoilers for the opening scene of Prometheus. I’m cool showing this since, again, it’s literally talking about the first scene of the film. I won’t talk about it in specifics, in case you’re still keeping away from spoilers, but in essence, it shows how the main effect of said opening scene was creating, utilizing a seriously cool combination of creating practical effects and using them as a jumping-off point for the digital versions. It’s yet another reminder that so much of the reason why Prometheus looks as astounding as it does is due to the masterful interplay of practical effects work and CGI. When the two work together, both look better.

The second video, found after the cut, is shows both the landing of the Prometheus on the alien world where the film takes place, as well as a scene from the film’s finale, so I don’t recommend watching that without seeing the movie.