Promo poster for Masters of the Universe lacks He-Man or anything at all


You all remember that Sony is trying to make He-Man and the Masters of the Universe into a cinematic universe or, at the very least, a successful film franchise, right? Nope? You totally forgot. Well, here’s a poster with the words Masters of the Universe on it and a release month/year to remind you. Aren’t you glad we’re here to let you know these things are happening… again.

Honestly, there’s a way to do this thing right and that way is to be as campy as you can possibly be with it. If they go all serious and MCU with He-Man it’s going to be a total crap show, but if they play into just how ridiculous He-Man actually is and try to do something new with it then I think we could have something that’s fun. God knows what state the screenplay is in right now as yet another pair of writers take a crack at it in the form of Art Marcum and Matt Holloway. At least directors Aaron and Adam Nee have been on board for a bit after replacing David S. Goyer, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere. Sony seems pretty confident in this team finally delivering something filmable considering they plastered that release date on the bottom of the poster.

I will say, this promo poster does look kind of metal. He-Man is pretty metal so at least they go that right. 

Masters of the Universe will release in March of 2021.

Matthew Razak
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