PSA: Talk/text at a movie, Michael Madsen will maim you


People who talk or text during a movie are horrible. Just abysmal examples of the human race. I remember watching a repertory screening of City Lights at Film Forum a few years ago and some mook had the nerve to talk on his cell phone for almost a minute before everyone stink-eyed and shushed some common f***ing courtesy into him. I’d like to think that a baby grand piano was somehow dropped on him as he was waiting on the subway platform.

So honestly — you are an inconsiderate jerkwad a-hole if you talk or text during a movie, and you deserve to have grievous bodily harm visited upon you. In this new PSA from the Alamo Drafthouse, Mr. Blonde will be doing the bodily harm to a tune by Stealers Wheel. He will lop off your cell phone ear, and it may be displayed on a table in the lobby with other ears like dried peach halves. (Thanks for the image, Carolyn Forche.) And you deserve it.

This is the latest in a line of great PSAs from the Alamo Drafthouse. Just last year there was a fine Drafthouse PSA featuring Patton Oswalt, which was a riff on another earlier Drafthouse PSA on movie texting. This sort of stance against the rudeness of moviegoers is why I can’t wait for the NYC Alamo Drafthouse to open. Keen food, good movies, and silence — glorious, respectful silence.

[Via Badass Digest]

Hubert Vigilla
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