Pumpkinhead is getting a reboot


I’ve got a few regrets in my life, but one of them is that I’ve never sat down to watch Pumpkinhead. I hear it’s… interesting. I’m still disappointed that the creature didn’t have an actual pumpkin for a head, though, because childhood me thought that would be awesome.

Anyway, they’re going to reboot the franchise (it had some straight to TV sequels) and the man doing it is Saw franchise executive producer Peter Block. Given the pedigree of the Saw franchise if anyone was going to make it work it could be him. Block says they’ve brought on a young screenwriter named Nate Atkins. That doesn’t bode so well as I believe he wrote S. Darko, a crummy sequel to Donnie Darko that didn’t need to be made. 

Block does seem to be going in the right direction aside from that, saying that he’ll be using practical effects as much as possible and that the film will be its own thing.

Are you a big Pumpkinhead fan? Want more?

Matthew Razak
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