Purvis and Wade reportedly brought back to work on Bond 24 script


Neil Purvis and Mark Wade wrote every Bond film from The World is Not Enough to Quantum of Solace before they were removed part of the way through Skyfall so that John Logan could make a script that actually worked. It appears now that after Logan’s initial draft failed to produce excitment from producers they will now be returning. Why? It seems a bit more wit and humor are wanted.

Despite Skyfall being the first billion dollar film in the franchise and being universally hailed in almost every aspect Logan’s script is reportedly not fun enough. Special mention of Bond and Moneypenny’s flirtation is made  The problem is the worst aspects of the the Purvis and Wade run was when they were having too much fun. I’m the first to point out that Quantum of Solace was way too serious, but I’m very concerned about attempting to veer back to the site-gag humor of Brosnan or even worse Roger Moore. Hopefully a balance is struck as we’ve all seen that Craig’s Bond can pull in the big bucks when a fantastically delivered screenplay is turned in.

[via Daily Mail]

Matthew Razak
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