Queen Elizabeth is a fan of The King’s Speech


When dealing with a film about royalty, you have to approach with caution. Screenwriter David Seidler held off on writing The King’s Speech for thirty years after a request by Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, the wife of King George VI; her memories of the events were still too painful. As Seider suffered from a stutter as a child, he respectfully complied. Now that the film is a hit, what does the daughter of George and Elizabeth think?

According to The Sun, Queen Elizabeth II quite liked her private screening. Even though the subject matter was personable, Her Majesty found it moving and likable, showing amusement at the lighter scenes. She was really impressed Colin Firth’s portrayal of her father in the film.

The King’s Speech has also been praised by other notable British figures, such as Prime Minister David Cameron, Prince Andrew, Lord and Lady William Astor, Lord Edward Spencer-Churchill, and Edwina Sandys, whose grandfather Winston Churchill is portrayed in the film by Timothy Spall. The amount of acclaim from high ranking Brits speaks to both how well the film is done and how accurately it portrays its subject matter. If you enjoyed it, you’re in good company!