Quentin Tarantino bid for Casino Royale James Bond rights


Following Die Another Day, arguably the lowest ebb of the fifty-year Bond series which also included a pigeon doing a double-take at Roger Moore riding a motorised gondola across Venice square, Quentin Tarantino made a big push in interviews to put himself forward as the man to reboot the series with an adaptation of Casino Royale, starring Pierce Brosnan in the lead role and Uma Thurman as Vesper Lynd. As we all know, the producers went ahead with the adaptation, but with Martin Campbell directing instead of Tarantino, and Daniel Craig replacing the aging Brosnan.

Campbell has now revealed that Tarantino’s interest went deeper than bigging up his credentials in television and tabloid interviews: not only did he get Brosnan to pitch the idea to Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, but bid for the rights to film the novel, which were not included in the deal struck by the series’ first producers, Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman. An original script was supposedly being developed before Tarantino sparked public interest in the project, and the director has since been considering a spy series based around Len Deighton’s Bernard Sampson novels. I’d love to see a Tarantino interpretation of a Bond movie, but it sadly doesn’t look likely to ever happen. The fantastic-looking Skyfall will just have to do… yay!

[via MI6]