Quentin Tarantino live reading ‘Hateful Eight’ script in Los Angeles


Quentin Tarantino, understandably upset when the script to Hateful Eight leaked out in January, decided to shelve the project indefinitely. Fans were upset, taking to the streets with torches and pitchforks.. nah, just kidding, we ran to the closest computer to complain. Now, keyboard warriors and film fanatics alike will get their chance to see Hateful Eight in the form of a live reading.

For one night only, April 24th, Quentin Tarantino and a group of hand-picked actors will perform the script in Los Angeles at the LACMA. Details of the film have been kept quiet until now: Hateful Eight involves a group of people stranded in the middle of nowhere after a blizzard diverts their stagecoach from its route. Included in this group are a pair of rival bounty hunters, a female prisoner, and a renegade Confederate soldier.

Given that it’s one night only and Tarantino is so protective of his work, you can guarantee that there won’t be anyone in the back attempting to film this event. If you’re fortunate enough to live in the Los Angeles area, head here to grab your tickets.

[via FirstShowing.net]