Quentin Tarantino talks retirement plans


In a directors’ roundtable interview for Hollywood Reporter, Quentin Tarantino has admitted that he’s already planning his eventual retirement from movie directing. The reason? In his view, the move to digital projection has turned cinema into ‘public television’. With movies no longer being shown in a format which suits him and his scripts already so long, he claims he’d rather save himself the effort trimming them and make his next ‘epic’ project a mini-series, before retiring to write books.

While this is bad news for the director’s many fans, let’s not forget that Tarantino hasn’t made a habit of following through on his public statements. Remember when he was making a spy movie, or a sequel to Kill Bill, or Pulp Fiction prequel The Vega Brothers, or how long it took him to finally get going on Inglourious Basterds? In other words, believe it when you see it. He may not like digital, but I bet that mini-series or his future career as a movie academic take a long time to materialise. Check out the full, hour-long director roundtable after the jump, which includes Tarantino revealing which movie he considers his ‘worst’.

[via Collider]