Quicksilver needs a haircut in these X-Men: DOFP images


[UPDATE: Pay attention to the super future Sentinel. Whoa]

Just as in the past with Transformers: Age of Extinction‘s Optimus Prime, Empire Magazine reveals a good look at 25 of X-Men: Days of Future Past‘s characters. We’ve had a quick look at their designs before, but now thanks to these magazine covers we get full blown looks at these characters in their respective outfits. Aaaaand, I kind of wish they didn’t because Quicksilver has weird hair. 

I know his whole look is supposed to be reminiscent of the comics (which is why I don’t mind his outfit more than I should), but that hair has got to go. At least everyone else looks really good in their leather outfits which must be mandatory to wear in the future. 

[via Empire]