R.I.P. Paul Walker (9/12/1973 – 11/30/2013)


While the hustle and bustle of the Internet’s quickness to label anything that sounds too impossible to be true as a hoax, it’s still hard to accept news of Paul Walker’s untimely death. The forty years old Fast & Furious star Paul Walker, leaving a charity event, tragically lost his life in a car accident earlier today. 

Say what you will about the man (or the amazing franchise he was a part of), he was hitting his stride with the Fast & Furious films. He was attractive, cool, and drove one of the best ten second cars. Walker stuck it out (second only to Diesel in appearances) and future films will seem weird without Walker as a staple in them. 

It’s with a heavy heart that we reflect on the sheer potential that’s lost today as a heavy burden is placed on the rest of us. We here at Flixist would like to extend our condolences to Walker’s and the unfortunate driver’s families on this terrible day. You will be missed.