R-rating sinks BioShock movie


Having spent most of its existence in development hell, the movie adaptation of celebrated videogame BioShock now looks to be dead in the water, at least according to proposed director Gore Verbinski. The reason?

“I couldn’t really get past anybody that would spend the money that it would take to do it and keep an R rating,” he explained, “Alternately, I wasn’t really interested in pursuing a PG-13 version. Because the R rating is inherent. Little Sisters and injections and the whole thing. […] It’s a movie that has to be really, really scary, but you also have to create a whole underwater world, so the pricetag is high. We just didn’t have any takers on an R-rated movie with that pricetag.”

On the upside, it’s a pleasant change to hear someone taking a videogame adaptation seriously. On the downside, that man now seems unlikely to be a part of the project going forward (so much for Randian self-determinism). BioShock may eventually make the big screen, as it’s not as though films haven’t lost directors in pre-production before, but who knows in what shape or form?

[via ComingSoon]