Rachel McAdams confirmed for Doctor Strange


Exciting news if you like Rachel McAdams and Doctor Strange, which everyone should. She’s going to be in the movie in a starring role opposite Benedict Cumberbatch. What role? We have no idea ,but if we’re going to typecast her then we’d the love interest. That could be any number of characters from the comic, but we’re guessing she’s going to act like a grounding mechanism as Natalie Portman did in Thor.

If that’s the case we probably won’t see too much more of her outside of this film. Portman’s Jane Foster has been almost hilariously written out of every Marvel movie after that with some throwaway line about her studying something somewhere. Still, if you’re going to cast a romantic lead you can do far worse than McAdams. The actress pretty much has that role on lock. 

[via The Wrap]

Matthew Razak
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