Radar Pictures is adaptaing an Emerson, Lake & Palmer song into a film


In a bit of odd news, it looks like Radar Pictures will be adapting the Emerson, Lake & Palmer song “Karn Evil 9” into a sci-fi movie at some point. Known primarily for executive producing the recent Jumanji films, it’s hard to figure out why such a strange piece of rock history is now becoming a movie. Did someone get high over the weekend like listening to prog-rock and just really wanted to give ELP some work?

For those unaware, the song is about a society that has drained all of its blood and replaced it with a dependence on technology. The movie is looking to explore a world controlled by “a pervasive and dictatorial technocracy.” It’s basically every sci-fi movie ever, just with a tinge of some hippie energy.

Ted Field, one of the producers for Radar, told Deadline, “The visionary world that ELP created with their recording ‘Karn Evil 9’ is much closer to reality today. Our team at Radar looks forward to bringing this vision of where things may be headed to the big screen and beyond.” NYT bestselling author Daniel H. Wilson, who has signed-on to adapt the screenplay, added, “I’m incredibly excited to partner with Ted and Radar to explore Karn Evil 9—a unique and thrilling world.”

There’s no planned date or anything, but I guess this could be neat. I’m not sure why Rush’s “2112” wasn’t chosen over this, but classic rock is classic rock. At least ELP is getting some god damned recognition.

Jumanji‘ Producer To Develop Emerson, Lake & Palmer Song ‘Karn Evil 9’ As A Sci-Fi Movie [Deadline]

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