Raging Bull 2 is now filming, here’s your full cast


About two months ago we reported that a sequel to Raging Bull was in the works, featuring William Forsythe as an older Jake LaMotta. (Would be interesting if it was William Forsythe as an older Robert De Niro as an older Jake LaMotta as a hole at the bottom of the sea.) Unknown director Martin Guigui is at the helm, and he also co-wrote the screenplay with Rustam Branaman.

The film is shooting now, and the full cast actually doesn’t look too bad. Along for the ride with Forsythe are Joe Mantegna, Paul Sorvino, Penelope Ann Miller, Natasha Henstridge, Alicia Witt, Ray Wise, Harry Hamlin, Bill Bellamy, James Russo, with Mojean Aria as a young LaMotta. The Film Stage says Tom Sizemore is in the film as well, but he’s not listed on IMDb. Perhaps they mistook Sizemore for Sorvino?

The Film Stage notes that the film will work as both a prequel and sequel to the Scorsese movie, depicting LaMotta’s story “before the rage” and “after the rage.” So, does that mean this movie’s just Bull? (Ah-cha-cha-cha-cha — that’s entertainment!)

[Via IMDb, The Film Stage]

Hubert Vigilla
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