Ralph Breaks the Internet’s Producer stops by Fan Expo Canada


Fans are super stoked for the upcoming release of Ralph Breaks the Internet. The sequel to Wreck It Ralph takes us on a journey not in the world of video games but into a world we all know too well- the internet.

For those who attended Fan Expo Canada in Toronto this weekend, they were invited to a special panel hosted by Disney Canada. At this panel, Ralph Breaks the Internet’s Producer Clark Spencer shared never before seen footage and the oh so cute Disney Princess scene in its entirety!!

He also explained the process of bringing the internet to life and how much research went into that. The Disney team actually went to the One Wiltshire Building in Los Angeles. That building happens to be one of the biggest telecommunications buildings in the entire world.

The movie will also heavily focus this time on the friendship between Vanellope and Ralph as well as Vanellope’s own journey of self-discovery instead of Ralph’s.

Remember how crazy the Internet went when saw that cute little snippet of Vanellope meeting all the Disney Princesses? Well all of them are in fact voiced by their original voice actors. The Little Mermaid herself Jodi Benson who also happened to be a guest at Fan Expo stopped by as well.

As the hype continues to grow for this film, November can’t come soon enough. For now, I recommend just re-watching the trailer and the first film until Ralph Breaks the Internet officially comes out. 

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Tarah Bleier
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