‘Rambo Bridge’ from First Blood to be destroyed


If you’ve been planning a trip to the small town of Hope in British Columbia, you might have missed out on your one reason for visiting. Hope is the town in which the first Rambo film, First Blood, was shot, and as such has plenty of recognizable landmarks from the 1982 classic, none more notable than the bridge John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) attempts to cross at the beginning of the film. Hope’s fictional sheriff, Will Teasle (Brian Dennehy), doesn’t like drifters, so he attempts to run Rambo out of town at the bridge.

As of today, your opportunity to cross the famous “Rambo Bridge” has ended, as the bridge is now in the process of being torn down due to how rickety and dangerous it has become. Environmental concerns were also cited, as the old bridge was made of creosote-soaked timbers. A new bridge is planned to be built once the demolition is completed, but that just won’t be the same.

Residents of Hope got together on Sunday for one last hurrah with the old bridge, likely one of the few reasons any non-residents visited their small town. Fans showed up to take the final pictures as well. I understand all the reasons for taking down a bridge like this, but it’s always a damn shame when an iconic location from cinema’s history disappears forever.

[Via The Hollywood Reporter]