Rambo TV show in development, possibly starring Stallone


You know how that upcoming Rambo: The Video Game seemingly came out of nowhere? I think we finally know what it’s attached to. Stallone has been trying to get another Rambo film off the ground for some time now (it would’ve involved a new guy taking over for the series as Rambo “passed the torch/flamethrower/killing apparatus”), but it looks like he might get the chance with a smaller screen version of the killa from Manilla. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rambo is getting a television series (with British producers) and will be shopping around for US broadcasters. What’s important to note here is Stallone has signed on as a creative liaison and could potentially star in it himself. Since Sylvester Stallone still lives in Badasstown, USA, I’d be up to see him on television again (anyone remember The Contender reality boxing show? Me neither). Although I do hope he figures out some things before he tackles another project.

[via THR]