Rashida Jones and Emma Roberts to be adorable co-stars


Parks & Recreation‘s Rashida Jones has joined forces with Emma Roberts to make The Most Adorable Movie Ever Made, officially titled Celeste And Jesse Forever. The plot will revolve around a couple trying to stay friends in the midst of a divorce, although with those two actresses sharing a screen, I suspect that most men (and possibly a few women) will spend the entire movie staring awe-struck at the gorgeousness on show and not notice much else.

Unfortunately, Roberts and Jones won’t actually be playing the couple. Roberts will play a starlet who hires Celeste (Jones) to help her turn around her sagging career. Andy Samberg will play Jesse, while Ari Graynor and Chris Messina have also joined the cast as friends to the splitting couple. Jones co-wrote the script with Will McCormack, aiming to make “something that was in the vein of Judd Apatow—you talk like you actually talk with your friends—but with ladies…”. Of course Bridesmaids got there first, but given the positive reception that film has received and Roberts and Jones’ general loveliness, distributing studio Fox should feel confident in the movie finding a sizeable, if somewhat aroused, audience.

[via /Film]