Ratchet & Clank film adaptation unveiled

Ratchet and Clank Movie - Official Teaser Trailer

Blimey. This did not exist until about 25 minutes ago. The long-running Sony PlayStation franchise Ratchet & Clank just got a CGI film adaptation. Somehow, and this is very bemusing, it looks… good. It apparently includes all the original voice actors, the same writers and some help from the original studio Insomniac Games. IGN also have a report about some of the plot information revolving around a retelling of the duo’s origin story, including the antagonist “Chairman Drek” and the involvement of the “Galactic Rangers”. The film includes the characters Ratchet & Clank along with, I assume, Captain ‘comic relief’ Quark. I’m guessing it’ll involve the usual intergalactic trekking fare.

This is quite a surprise, more because it seems Sony actually care about it. For decades now, videogame film adaptations have never delivered. From The Wizard to Doom to Prince of Persia, at best we get some mediocre action flick with silly make-up and vaguely attractive leads who know nothing of the material. Ratchet & Clank is, however, well suited to broadening its audience through a fully animated feature. Hopefully this signals a Sony now kicking its franchises up a notch, maybe we’ll even get an Avengers style shared universe out of the colliding properties that they own? One can dream.