Actor Ray Fisher likely won’t work with DC films again


Actor Ray Fisher, known for his portrayal of Cyborg in the fairly underwhelming Justice League, likely won’t be returning to star in another DC Films production anytime soon. Earlier today, Fisher tweeted out his frustrations at the lack of updates regarding the ongoing investigation into director Joss Whedon’s alleged misconduct on the set of the 2017 box-office bomb. In a rather scathing post, he wrote the following:

That last part is crucial here. While Fisher is attached to Zack Snyder’s upcoming 10-episode mini-series recut for Justice League, it seems he isn’t willing to come back for any further films or TV shows as long as DC Films president Walter Hamada is involved.

That’s the bulk of Fisher’s argument. We don’t really know the full extent of what is going on here, but Ray Fisher alleges that Hamada knew about what was going on during the filming of Justice League and chose to ignore it. When an investigation kicked off earlier this year, Fisher seems to believe that Hamada worked to cover up certain information.

For the time being, a lot of this falls into “he said, she said” territory. We likely won’t learn the truth for a good long while, which is sad.

Source: Twitter

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