Ray Winstone offered role of God and/or rainfall in Noah


Veteran character actor and all-around badass Ray Winstone has officially been offered the role of the central villain in Darren Aronofsky’s upcoming Noah starring Russel Crowe as the titular animal wrangler extraordinaire. At present, Winstone has not officially accepted the offer, though I’d imagine that’ll change within the next twenty-four hours. Additionally, there are no specific details as to what the villain’s role will be in the film. Given the story of Noah, despite whatever crazy shakes Aronofsky is going to put it through, my money is on Winstone playing a drunken, angry, Irish God, whereas Hubert maintains that he’s just going to play a bunch of water. 

Either way, Ray Winstone is a formidable presence for Russel Crowe to go up against, so this is some solid casting, if he accepts. 

[Deadline, via Collider]