ReAction Tomorrowland toys teases characters


Toy company Funko recently showed off some of its newest line of retro-styled ReAction action figures based on Disney’s upcoming reboot of Tomorrowland.  So far, not much is known about the film other than its starring cast, headlined by George Clooney, and that the film will feature all sorts of futuristic mysteries and intrigue.

These toys actually give us more of a look at what’s to come than anything else with lo-fi plastic versions of characters Frank Welker (George Clooney), a young Frank Welker with a jetpack, Casey Newton (Britt Robertson), Athena (Raffey Cassidy), Dave Clark (Matthew MacCaull), and a villainous David Nix (Hugh Laurie).

The toys will no doubt make an awesome collectable for any hyper-nostalgic fan and offer an interesting tease of what to expect from Tomorrowland.  Just judging by these toys and some of the stills used on the packaging, I’m getting a strong sci-fi fable vibe in the vein of stuff like The Rocketeer and Astro Boy.  If the movie ends up being half as fun as these toys look to play with, then we might be in for one thrilling ride.

[via iO9]