Read the even weirder true story behind Pain & Gain


After watching Pain & Gain last night I hopped online to find out just how true the story was. Usually movies embellish a bit to make it more entertaining, you know. So imagine my surprise when I come across the epic three part article from the Miami New Times that the film was based on. I’m halfway through and starting to realize that the film really didn’t embellish enough.

Seriously, set aside 30 minutes and chug through this story because it is epic and stupid and horrifying. It actually surprises me that the film took the slant it did now that I’ve read it. It turns the bad guys into anti-heroes almost while the victim gets morphed into a real schmuck. Maybe he was and somewhere in between this article and the movie is the real story. The question is do the switches invalidate the film? Find out in our review tomorrow.

Matthew Razak
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