Ready or Not directors to helm Scream reboot


That Ghostface killer just won’t die, and it seems he’s now poised for a reboot from a pair of very capable directors. Spyglass Media will be bringing the satirical slasher back to the silver scream (eh? eh???) with Matthew Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett working behind the camera. This is the duo responsible for the crowd-pleaser Ready or Not, and I can’t think of a more solid choice off the top of my head. Get the team behind the most widely lauded horror/comedy of recent memory to helm a horror/comedy? Why it’s just crazy enough to work!

I was a fan of the Samara Weaving-led rich people explodathon, and though I’m not the biggest Scream fan I’m more than keen to see how these two will adapt Wes Craven’s source material.

There’s no other information on the project, but by the time it reaches theaters it’ll have been more than a decade since Scream 4 premiered. This isn’t to say that Ghostface has been sleeping the whole time, since there is that Scream series three seasons deep and still currently running on MTV. I wonder if the reboot will tie in, or if it’ll do the Child’s Play thing and have two parallel continuities going at once. Hopefully we’ll find out soon.

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Kyle Yadlosky
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