Real dogs act out iconic Lady and the Tramp scene


As if all of you romantics out there weren’t already hungover from all things red and heart-shaped, Disney themselves have released this live-action reenactment of the iconic “first kiss” scene from Lady and the Tramp. Feeding fodder to the furries, Disney’s video was used to advertise the Lady and the Tramp blu-ray re-release, as well as to feed on the hearts of those of you who don’t have cold, robotic gears for hearts.

As for the video itself, it’s pretty cute, save for some minor awkward moments (like Lady and the Tramp playing jump rope with a piece of something that isn’t a noodle). In fact, halfway through the video, I wasn’t entirely sure if they were real dogs or animatronic puppets. Nobody will ever know.

[via Disney YouTube]