RebootFest 2011 continues! New Daredevil gets a writer


Yesterday, I brought you the news that a Terminator reboot is rumored to be in the works. Today, I bring you the news that Daredevil has its own reboot, and also a writer. David Slade, who directed films such as Hard Candy and Twilight: Eclipse but has not written anything of note, has been set to write the film. This reboot is apparently based on the “Born Again” series of the Daredevil comics, which was created by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli. I’ve never read any of the comics, but Frank Miller’s a pretty great writer as we all know, so the basis story should be good at least. Whether you liked the original with Ben Affleck or not (I don’t remember liking or disliking it), it doesn’t matter any longer. No one’s sure who will replace him in the upcoming film, but that information will come soon enough.

I don’t love the recent obsession with reboots, and I meant to mention in yesterday’s post about graphic novel adaptations being the “other thing” that Hollywood is obsessed with at the moment. Well… this story is the epitome of both. Whether it will be good or not is kind of irrelevant. I want to see something different. If it’s good, I’ll probably still see it though.

[Via Punch Drunk Critics]