Reboot of The Grudge happening, shouldn’t be


The Grudge was a pretty polarizing movie when it came out. Some people loved it. Most people hated it. It tried to cash in on the success of The Ring, and went on to have two sequels, one of which I did know about until writing this article. Apparently, in 2009 The Grudge 3 was released straight-to-video. Generally, a straight-to-video sequel is the death of a series, but apparently not this one. The people over at Ghost House Pictures (which is also producing the upcoming Evil Dead remake) have decided (wrongly) that the world wants to see more of The Grudge, so one more is on the way. This will reportedly be a reboot of the series, but I expect that doesn’t actually mean anything. Chances are it will suck just like the rest of them. Either way, it will probably fail and The Grudge will finally and firmly die. At least… I hope that’s the case.

[Via Bloody Disgusting]