Recap : Loki Episode 3 “Lamentis”


This week’s episode of Loki picks right up where episode two left off and things just keep getting more interesting. Leaving the dreary TVA behind, we’re taken to a new setting while also learning more about the mysterious female “variant” we met last week. Huge spoilers ahead if you haven’t yet watched the previous episodes. Feel free to check out our episode two recap here.

The episode opens with “Lady Loki” and Hunter C-20 in a bar having drinks and joking about brain freeze. As she encourages C-20 to give herself a brain freeze, something seems off. C-20 starts to question Loki and mentions they aren’t friends and she doesn’t know her. Loki then starts to prod her, asking, “where are the timekeepers?” We cut to reality and see Loki using her psychic powers to finally get the answer from an unconscious C-20 in the office of Roxxcart.

Hunter C20 with Sylvie in bar

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C-20 eventually answers, “use the gold elevators.” Lady Loki looks up and sees the TVA and the other Loki entering Roxxcart and leaves. We finally see where the last episode’s opened time portal leads and it’s back to the TVA. She begins to fight a bunch of Hunters who are guarding the golden elevator doors but realizes her powers don’t work in the TVA. She steals one of their weapons instead, erasing a bunch of them in the ensuing fight.

Loki then appears shortly after in the time portal and tries to stop her, finally grabbing his infamous daggers. As the two of them fight for control over the temp pad, Renslayer appears and Lady Loki takes Loki hostage while threatening to kill him. Renslayer replies, “go ahead.” Loki grabs the temp pad and it sends both of them to another apocalyptic event.

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Lady Loki asks where they are and realizes they are on Laminitis-1, a planet that is about to be destroyed. She mentions to the god of mischief that of all the apocalyptic events stored in the temp pad, this is probably the worst they could have ended upon. Miss Minutes is briefly seen on the temp pad explaining that it needs a recharge, prompting a fight between Lady Loki and Loki. Getting nowhere, they decide to put aside their differences and work together to escape this death trap.

A lot of witty banter is passed between the two and Lady Loki reveals her name is Sylvie. She also questions why Loki is working for the TVA who has been chasing her for a while. He answers he’s not working for them, but mere is, “a consultant.” As they approach a home nearby, they are both attacked by the woman living there. She calls them “devils” and says that everyone is evacuating on the ark located at the edge of town.

Loki and Sylvie on Lamentis

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Sylvie realizes that vessel would have enough power to recharge the temp pad and a plan is hatched. Loki uses his powers to disguise himself as a guard to bypass the line of desperate people trying to escape the planet. Only wealthy people are being evacuated while the lower class is left behind. As they approach the guards who ask for a ticket, Sylvie uses her powers to control one of the guards, granting them access to the train.

As they settle on the train, the two get to talking and start learning more about one another and their pasts. Loki decides to have some fun by getting drunk and singing Asgardian songs while Sylvie looks on in shock. Thanks to Loki’s scene, some guards question the duo for tickets and another fight ensues. Loki gets tossed off the train and Sylvie begrudgingly follows. Sadly, they realize the temp pad is broken in the process and they begin to think they are both screwed.

Loki on train in episode three

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Loki realizes their only chance is to stop the ark from being destroyed and alter history. As they head back into town, Sylvie talks about her power of invading and controlling people’s minds, referring to Hunter C-20 and her previous time on earth.

Loki is stunned by this statement. He explains that he was told everyone at the TVA has always been there. Sylvie explains that it’s all a lie, everyone at the TVA is a variant and has been forced to work for them. On top of that, they have all had their minds wiped. She also says she had to go back hundreds of years to that memory we saw earlier of Hunter C-20.

On Lamentis Loki Episode 3

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The episode ends with them both watching in horror as the ark is destroyed, having arrived too late. With nothing left to really do, the two walk off into the distance, setting us up for next week’s adventure.

While heavier on the action than before, episode three really sets the stage for what is to come with Loki. It seems the series is building towards a much bigger team-up with Loki and Sylvie, possibly with the two fighting to take down the TVA. Next week can’t come soon enough!

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