Recap: Moon Knight Episode 4 “The Tomb”


Episode 3’s ending shocked and awed viewers and Episode 4 was no different. We were lucky enough to be sent the first four episodes to screen, and sitting on what was coming for weeks was rough. So when the episode finally dropped. I breathed a sigh of relief that everyone could finally experience the same reaction I had to this ending. Was everything we just watched over four weeks a total lie?

After turning back the night sky to the night, Ammit was imprisoned, Khonshu was turned to stone by the Gods, and Marc/Steven lost his power. Things are not looking good for our leading man and Layla, but with the location of the final resting place of Ammit’s former Avatar, they set out, with Harrow’s men hot on their trail.


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Once they arrive at the location, the tomb is a maze in the shape of the Eye of Horus. It turns out a lot of Harrow’s men have been killed by zombie Egyptian priests who are there to guard the Pharaoh’s tomb. The two are attacked and split up, with Layla defeating one. The whole sequence is very similar to how the opening of Raiders of the Lost Ark played out. After defeating the priest, Harrow arrives to tell Layla again further that Marc is not being honest with her and that he knows what happened to her father.

Marc finally finds the tomb, which belongs to Alexander The Great, the final avatar of Ammit. He retrieves the ushabti from within the body of Alexander. Layla, meanwhile, arrives and demands Marc finally tell her the truth, which he does, admitting his partner got greedy and killed everyone. He also reveals that he should have died that night but was saved by Khonshu.

Harrow finally arrives and shoots Marc twice in the chest, knocking him into a pool of water where he sinks. As Harrow shoots him, he says, ” I can’t save someone who won’t save themselves”


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Marc wakes up in a psychiatric hospital in a wheelchair and under heavy sedation. The hospital is popular with people he knows and has encountered in his life, Layla, his boss at the Museum Donna, Crawley, and others.

He is brought before Harrow, posing as a therapist attempting to help Marc. Once the sedation fades, Marc realizes that Harrow shot him and attempts to escape the facility. Surprisingly he comes across Steven, who is in his own body, and the two reunite as they both try to escape. The exit doors swing open, and the Hippo Goddes Tawrett greets them.


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Wherever we are heading in Episode 5, it’s sad that the series is almost over, but Moon Knight as a character is here to stay in the MCU. The whole series has been an incredible journey, and it’s a must-see for those waiting to binge it all at once.

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