Red band clips from The Raid are nutritious and delicious


I cannot wait to see The Raid. Based on the trailer, our own review from Sundance, and all I’ve been hearing about it, The Raid seems like it will be one of the best action movies in many, many years. This clip above just makes me even more excited. That’s some fine choreography and action direction on display, and it’s only a two-minute dose of awesome. I can already see this being the frontrunner for the next year’s Flixist Award for Best Action movie.

But that’s not all, my droogies. After the cut, I’ve included another red band clip from The Raid that was released last month. Another minute and a half of mayhem, action, and incredible badassery awaits you after the jump.

[Making Of Via ColliderIGN]

Hubert Vigilla
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