Red Band That Awkward Moment trailer has naked Zac Effron

That Awkward Moment - Official Red Band Trailer - In Theaters Jan 31

To be entirely honest we probably wouldn’t be sharing this trailer if Michael B. Jordan wasn’t in That Awkward Moment, but considering he’s basically become our favorite upcoming star ever thanks to Chronicle and Fruitvale Station we’ll run with it. The film is a bro-centered comedy all about guys actually falling in love, which is totally something guys don’t do cause love is for womens. Accompanying Jordan in all the bromance is Zac Effron and Miles Teller.

All in all it looks like some pretty cliche stuff going down with Teller as comic relief and Jordan as black guy while Efron does handsome guy. Could be that it pulls off a solid R-rated comedy bromance/romance thing, but from this trailer my hopes aren’t too high for the film. Neither are the studios as they’ve got it scheduled for the doldrums of January 31. 

Matthew Razak
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