Red band trailer: 30 Minutes or Less


In 2003, a group of criminals attached a bomb with a timer to a pizza delivery man and told him to rob a bank within a certain amount of time or he’d blow up. He robbed the bank, was caught by the police shortly after, told them the bomb was going to go off, and it did. There’s very disturbing video of his final moments, which is why I’m shocked to find out this true story isn’t going to be the next Saw movie; it’s an upcoming comedy film starring Jesse Eisenberg, Danny McBride, Aziz Ansari, and Nick Swardson.

If you’ve read my articles on Flixist in the past, then you know I’m an advocate for films that push boundaries, and often say that a film that makes you uncomfortable is often worth watching. This case just strikes me as odd though. It doesn’t look like it’s controversial in the least, and chooses to completely ignore the true events and instead dance on a grave for some laughs just because it works as a comedy story.

I’ll never urge readers not to see something because it’s controversial, and I’ll even recommend this movie to anyone who wants a good comedy in the near future since the cast is great and I’ve loved just about everything Danny McBride has done in the past, but this all makes me think that the movie’s writers, Michael Diliberti and Matthew Sullivan, are probably jerks.