Red Band Trailer: Kick-Ass 2


I think we all loved Kick-Ass. It was… ummm… kick-ass. Now we can all love Kick-Ass 2 because this trailer looks fantastic.While it is a little sad that Matthew Vaughn isn’t returning to direct meaning it probably won’t be ass dark or edgy as the original there’s still a good chance this will at least be fun. 

Of course it can never be as good since Nic Cage isn’t in it, but it does look like Jim Carey will be giving us some memorable scenes. It’s interesting to note how incredibly little this trailer focuses on Kick-Ass himself. Instead the clear marketing shift is towards the popular Chloë Grace Moretz and her Hit Girl. 

We’ve also got six new images from Collider to share.

What do you think? Worthy successor or overblown sequel?

Matthew Razak
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