Red Band Trailer: Nature Calls


Nature Calls stars Patton Oswalt (Young Adult) as the wacky Scoutmaster Randy Stevens. Despite an attempt to round his troop up to show them how awesome nature can be, the kids much prefer spending time indoors with Randy’s brother, Kirk (played by Jackass‘ Johnny Knoxville). Randy and Kirk are polar opposites (with the official synopsis going so far as to characterize them as arch-nemeses), causing Randy to overreact at his scouts’ preference towards Kirk by kidnapping them for an ill-advised camping trip. Obviously, hilarity ensues as Kirk and the rest of the scouts’ parents attempt to reclaim them while Randy tries his best to teach them the ways of man.

Given Nature Calls‘ R rating, I can only assume the bulk of the humor will lie in the kids swearing and talking about “adult stuff, as implied throughout the trailer. However, with the duo of Knoxville and Oswalt, I’m sure some physical, slapstick humor will come in to play. Beyond that… eh. I don’t really like comedies where the basic premise involves kids saying the darndest things and wacky character pairing.

But hey, if that’s your thing, Nature Calls will be on VOD October 4th with a proper theatrical release on November 9th.