Red Band Trailer: The Babymakers


Paul Schneider (Lars and the Real Girl) and Olivia Munn (Attack of the Show!) star in The Babymakers, a film about a young couple unable to conceive a child. When they find out it’s due to Schneider’s character’s low sperm count (complete with a video of his “drunk sperm”), they must find other options to start a family. One such option involves hiring a mob hitman, played by Jay Chandrasekar (Beerfest), to break into a sperm bank and steal some of the husband’s “good” sperm.

This isn’t a trailer so much as a series of clips for the film, which explains how unevenly edited the whole thing is. Still, the potential is there, given the proper edits. At the very least, we’ll get to see Olivia Munn sex scenes. People are still into that, right?

If you’re on the fence to see The Babymakers, you’ll have plenty of time to decide as it’s scheduled to be released sometime in 2013.

[via /film]